Ninja Foodi notes: Frittata

Cooking process used: Air crisp and bake (details below)


  • Enough frozen tater tots to cover the bottom of your pie pan. Cut them in half.
  • Six eggs, beaten
  • Quarter cup of milk
  • Three bacon strips, cut into small pieces
  • Quarter cup of cheddar cheese, shredded

Turn on your Ninja Foodi, on the air crisp setting for 5 minutes and let it preheat.

Spray your pie pan or baking dish with cooking spray. Put the tater tots in the bottom of the pie pan. When Ninja says “Add Food,” put the pie pan in the roasting pan and close lid.

When the timer beeps that the tots are done, pour in the rest of the ingredients. Cover the pan with foil to prevent the top from browning too much. (I didn’t do that, and you can see in my photo that mine got a little brown.)

Reset machine to Bake setting for 15 minutes. Check at 10 minutes, and remove foil if it isn’t browning enough.

When it is done, let rest for five minutes before serving.

All of my Ninja Foodi notes are made using a Ninja Foodi Smart Grill 5-in-1 with a temperature probe. Other notes and recipes can be found on this page.


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