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I’ve been a writer much longer than I’ve been painting. But I’m really glad I’ve found this other creative means of expression in the past few years.


“Community UCC in the Springtime,” watercolor, 13.5 by 10.5, April 2021


Quick portrait of “Guy!” April 29, 2021


“Lazy River,” April 23, 2021


“Splashy Monarch,” watercolor, April 2021


“Katie Smiles,” watercolor, X by X, November 2020


“Goose,” acrylic, 3-by-3 inch canvas, December 2020


“His Spirit Lingers,” watercolor, 15 by 11 inches, February 2017

“Winter Bloom,” watercolor, 9 by 12 inches, February 2017
“Phoebe’s Tulips,” watercolor, 8 by 8.75 inches, January 2017, SOLD

Phoebe, a friend, posted on Facebook a photo of a flower arrangement she had received. After I painted this, inspired by her photo, I posted my own version on Facebook and struck up a conversation with a woman from my church, who became my first customer.

This now belongs in the collection of Robert and Jacque Garcia. Thanks to Jacque, I can now call myself a professional artist.

“Katie’s Smile,” watercolor pencil, July 2016

I captured my youngest daughter’s radiant smile in this quick sketch, colored by watercolor pencils.

“Scarlett and Amaia,” watercolor, 12 by 9 inches, monochromatic painting of my granddaughters, April 2016

This was a technique I learned in a watercolor class at Clovis Adult School, taught by my former colleague, artist SW Parra. After doing a portrait of Clark Gable in class, I did this painting as a birthday gift for my son Mikel.


“Lilacs,” watercolor, 12 by 9 inches, April 2016

When we first moved to Fresno in 1978, our first house had a lilac bush in the backyard. Now, I run through my Clovis neighborhood, and this lilac hangs over a fence. I captured some photos of it blooming and painted it. It was my first time trying to paint the weathered wood of a fence.


“Geraniums,”watercolor,  12 by 9 inches, March 2016

After a several month foray into other art mediums – drawing and acrylic painting – I returned to watercolor. This was inspired by a photo I took of a geranium in front of my mom’s house.


“Bee and Blossoms,” acrylic, December 2015

The Blossom Trail in the spring is a beautiful tradition. I captured the brilliant color and the attention of a passing bee in this small acrylic, which lives in my office.

“Autumn at Lundy Lake,” acrylic, 16 by 20 inches, December 2015

Larry Patten, a friend, posted a photo of this scene. I tried to capture the brilliance of the autumn colors in this painting, which I gave to my boyfriend for Christmas.

“Peacock,” acrylic, 16 by 20 inches, October 2015

I love peacocks. This painting was my re-entry into larger scale acrylic. 16 by 20 is the largest canvas I’ve worked on – so far.


“Norene Bitler,” watercolor, 2015

Norene Bitler was my paternal grandmother. The photo that inspired this painting was taken in 1969 on the campus of Ohio State University, where my dad was a student. Grandma always looked sharp – nicely dressed, completely put together with perfect accessories.

I want to do more portraits. This was actually my second attempt at recreating this scene, and I like how this version came out better than my first try.


“Bird of Prey,” pen and ink, 9 by 9 inches, October 2015

More exploration using pen and ink.

“Lady Liberty,” pen and ink, October 2015

I completed this project in my drawing class.

“Orchids,” pen and ink and colored pencil, September 2015

I took a drawing class through Clovis Adult School, taught by my former colleague Teresa Doffing. I knew we had a project coming up using pen and ink, and I wasn’t sure how that would go, since I’d never worked in that before. This was a practice project I did before the class. It also enabled me to capture the memory of an orchid I had gotten at work, since I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep the plant alive for long.

“Iguana,” pencil, September 2015

Sometimes I crowdsource my artistic inspiration. I posed the question on Facebook, “What should I draw tonight.” Someone responded, “Lizard,” and this is where I went with that suggestion.

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“Lion and Tiger”

  • Watercolors
  • June 2015

I did this pair as gifts, very close together. Now in the collection of Beverly Bell and Lori Crane.

“Dogwood Blossoms and Peacock Plumes,” watercolor, 12 by 9 inches, May 2015

Up until I did this painting, I had been very sporadic with my art. When I did this one, I was coming back from a health issue, not running as much as I usually do, and focusing on a creative pursuit seemed a good outlet for my pent up energy.

This painting revisits of a photo project I had done several years before.


“Sunflowers and Red Barn,” watercolor, 12 by 9 inches, April 2014

We were visiting family in Goldendale, Wash., as we do every year. I thought I’d be in the mood to do some writing while I was up there. My mind had other ideas. I got the urge to paint, so I had to go searching for art supplies in The Dalles, the nearest “bigger city” to where we were staying.

I finished this while we were up there and gave it to our host, my mother-in-law Barbara Patterson.

“Moonrise over Half Dome,” watercolor, April 2013

I hadn’t painted in nine years, but I decided to start again. I did this as an anniversary gift for Randy Bell, my partner in crime, after we had been together two years. I think Yosemite is his favorite place in the world, and we’ve been there many times together.

“Forest Waterfall,” acrylic, August 2004

I started this one shortly after I finished my first painting (see below). This one didn’t follow a step-by-step guide – I used a photograph as inspiration. After this one, I did another one that I wasn’t as happy with, then I started another that I never finished. Then I didn’t lift a paintbrush again for nine years. This one hangs in my mom’s home.

“Yellow Tulips, Blue Vase,” acrylic, July 2004

I decided I wanted to learn to paint, so I bought a book that taught how to do this painting, step by step.

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