Ninja Foodi notes: Turkey burgers and sweet potato fries

Fresh homemade turkey burgers, three, 1/3 pound each Grill setting, medium temperature, 12 minutes, flipped halfway, rested them while the FF were cooking. Alexia frozen sweet potato french fries, air crisp setting, 390 degrees, 7 minutes. Toasted the buns on the stove burner. Came out perfect. (I'll remember to take a photo next time.) All... Continue Reading →

Hang on to youth as long as you can – your child’s or your own

Woke up this morning after the longest travel day ever - 18 hours home from vacation in Georgia. After a week out of town, the provisions in the fridge were depressingly low. I don't do black coffee, so I had to make a run to the store for cream. While I was out, I had... Continue Reading →

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