RunStreak 2012

Runners World is encouraging a 38-day running streak, from Memorial Day to July 4. I’ve never really tried running every day, but I want to try this, especially since I’m not doing long distances right now.

I plan to keep running my usual distances for right now on my usual days – 2.5 miles a couple of times a week, 3.1 miles on my current long runs, and just one or two miles on the remaining days. That would keep me focused on running – in small, manageable bites – on running until it’s time to start ramping up distance again for the Trail of Two Cities. It may help me get my speed faster. And it will help me regain my confidence that I can commit to a goal and achieve it, apparently a lesson I need to keep learning over and over.

I was planning to take this morning off, then Beth invited me to run at the track with them this morning, which I’ve been wanting to do for a couple of months. And I ran yesterday. So by the time July 4 arrives, I actually will have run 40 consecutive days instead of 38. That also has a nice ring to it. (Twitter hashtag: #RWRunStreak)


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