Ninja Foodi notes: Spatchcocked roasted whole chicken, with veggies

After watching this video from Sweet Savant (and seeing her verdict that the grill I bought did it better than the newer NF Smart Grill XL) , I had a hankering to do a spatchcocked roasted chicken in my new toy. I had never spatchcocked poultry before, but seeing her do it made it look manageable.

(Spatchcocking is the process of cutting the raw bird and removing the backbone, so the bird can lay open flatter and cook more evenly.)

I followed Sweet Savant’s recipe for her seasoning salt for the chicken. In the Ninja Foodi, I used the roast function with the temperature probe to determine cooking time, with the preset temperature for chicken. I’ll try to take better notes next time as far as how long it took.

I made this a one-pot meal by cooking some quartered potatoes and baby carrots in the same roasting pan, under the chicken. They came out beautifully carmelized and yummy.

The chicken was great, and the skin was crispy.

All of my Ninja Foodi notes are made using a Ninja Foodi Smart Grill 5-in-1 with a temperature probe. Other notes and recipes can be found on this page.


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