We can be our own worst enemy

We say we want the best for ourselves, that we deserve good things in our lives, that we are worthy of love, respect, admiration.

But do we really believe it?

We doubt ourselves, worry about things that might never happen, waver when we should be acting because we fear that deep down, we really don’t deserve the success that eludes us.

We are only one one responsible for our own success or failure. If we let doubt creep into our thoughts, we will not succeed. If we let ourselves think we don’t deserve good things, then we surely won’t achieve them. If we focus all our energy on everything that might go wrong, then something certainly will.

But what if we turn all the negatives around?

Instead of doubting what you are capable of, picture yourself achieving the goal you desire. See yourself atop that mountain, graduating from college or completing a marathon.

Instead of telling yourself that you don’t deserve success, shake loose your insecurity and believe that you DO deserve a better path.

Instead of letting worry rattle your foundation, build your dreams on positive energy and supportive friends.

Sometimes, we set ourselves up to fail by setting goals that are too big or sweeping. Start smaller. Build on tiny successes, instead of vowing to make a big dramatic change, all at once.

Stop thinking “What if I can’t do this,” “What if I fail,” “What if it isn’t as rewarding as I thought it would be.”

Start thinking “What if I CAN,” “How awesome would it be to succeed,” and “Why shouldn’t this have the best possible outcome.”

You have the power within you to make change happen. Make it change for the better.


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