What will you focus on this year?

Yesterday, I heard a motivational message about narrowing your focus, prioritizing most important goals instead of chasing after everything. So instead of setting ambitious lists of specific goals for this year, I am narrowing it down to three – well-being, wisdom and wonder (inspired by the book I just started – “Thrive” by Arianna Huffington).

Many smaller daily choices fall into those three areas. Well-being includes diet, fitness, when I go to bed, even Flying, because reducing clutter and setting routines reduces stress and anxiety.

Wisdom encompasses reading, self-improvement or professional development, learning a new language, taking an art class – anything that helps me grow as a person.

Wonder is about making time to have fun, reflecting, letting my mind wander to allow creative leaps. Watching sunrises and sunsets. Standing in the rain. Turning off the noise and hearing what the quiet has to say.

I also want to focus on my relationships with those in my life, which ties into well-being. I want to connect more deeply, be present in all interactions (not distracted by devices). We all need a network of support and strength, and keeping those relationships healthy takes effort.



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