What cinema experiences have you shared with your kids or loved ones?

Photo: Richard Lewis/European Pressphoto Agency

Do you have movie events in your household? We do. The year before last, to introduce my youngest daughter, Katie, to the three original “Star Wars” movies, we had three successive dinner/movie nights with my brother, who is quite a film buff.

So when I mentioned last Tuesday’s news that Walt Disney Co. will buy Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion and plans to release a seventh live-action “Star Wars” movie in 2015, my 9-year-old’s observation was that this will ultimately lead to more movie nights.

Movie nights are a great way to share theatrical experiences with a new generation or someone else who has somehow managed to avoid the experience the first time around. Right now, Katie and I are working our way through reading all of the Harry Potter books. She’s seen all of the movies through the years, but this is her first experience with the source literature.

I promised her that when we do complete all seven books, we will have a Harry Potter movie marathon weekend. We’re halfway through Book 4, “Goblet of Fire,” right now, so I estimate that it will take us at least another year to achieve this milestone.

Shortly after my boyfriend and I began dating a year and a half ago, we started working our way through re-viewing the entire collection of James Bond films. So far 22 official films in the series have been released, which began 50 years ago with “Dr. No.”

Over the summer, we realized that the next film, “Skyfall,” is opening on Nov. 9. We grew more attentive to the pace of our viewing, so we’d be all caught up before that one comes out. Last night we watched “Casino Royale,” Daniel Craig’s first outing as the super-spy. One more to go – “Quantum of Solace” – before our next big screen outing.

Another favorite series of mine in recent years was the “Lord of the Rings” movies, which somehow my boyfriend has managed to avoid (that can’t have been by choice, right?). Yesterday, I saw a Twitter post about a Denny’s Restaurant “Hobbit”-inspired menu – “What about elevensies? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper? He knows about them, doesn’t he?”

I worked at Denny’s enough years that I’m not thrilled about this marketing tie-in with one of my favorite movie series. But it did get me to thinking – if Denny’s has a special “Hobbit” menu right now, that means the movie must be coming out sooner than I realized.

I got online and checked. Yep – Dec. 14. Just enough time to catch the boyfriend up on the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy before the new one hits the big screen!

What movie favorites have you shared with your children or loved ones? And do you spread your viewing out over a reasonable amount of time, or go full-bore and have a weekend marathon?


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