Day 3: Don’t just live life – Taste it!

983659_10152403500938331_8731700106708730559_nRandy and I went to Cracked Pepper Bistro, an upscale local restaurant, to celebrate our third anniversary. I had the pappardelle and sea scallops – creamy vanilla orchid vodka creme fraiche sauce and lump crab and it was as yummy as it looks!

Food is rarely just about sustenance for me. When I’m traveling I want to experience the cuisine that tells the story of the place I’m visiting. Breaking bread is how we spend some of our best times with family and friends.

The more senses we use in our experiences, the deeper and fuller those experiences – and our memories of them – will be. Food involves sight, taste, smell and touch (Randy thinks I’m nuts when I tell him I don’t like some foods because of “texture issues”). Sometimes even sound comes into play – can you hear a sizzling skillet of fajitas being brought to a table in a Mexican restaurant?

Food is comfort and communion, tradition and memory, celebration and exploration. Taste it all, and savor it.



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