Latest painting: ‘His Spirit Lingers’

I started this painting after reading this blog post by my sister-in-law in early January. Danell wrote about how hummingbirds seemed to show up at moments when she needs a signal from Patrick, her husband who was killed last April:

“Sometimes I would not see them for days but there would be one when I seemed to need a sign,” Danell wrote.

I believe people send us signs, even when they are no longer with us. Those signs can be a comfort in our loss.

One of the last times I saw Patrick, I was out running in the neighborhood by my mom’s house, which is also close to Danell and Patrick’s house. I heard a runner coming up behind me, and when I turned to look, it was my brother-in-law. We said hi to each other, then kept on our own ways (he was much faster than me!).

Sometimes when I’m out running, I’ll see a man with a build similar to Patrick’s and I wonder for minute if it’s him.

Then I remember.

You can see more of my artwork at my gallery page.


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