Still running

This was written about me back in November for Campus News, a weekly e-newsletter for the Fresno State community:

Lisa Boyles runs every day and is getting close to 400 days since her streak started — at least a mile a day.

“I first started running in 1998, after I quit smoking,” she said. “But I’ve been running more consistently since 2005. I’ve completed two full marathons — Atlanta in 2010 and Napa in 2011 — and 13 half marathons.”

Her first “streak” (at least a mile a day) was in 2012, from Memorial Day to July 4.

“I liked how I felt, running every day,” she said. “It’s my time for myself, to think, let my mind wander, puzzle things out.”

Her longest streak made it to 658 days until she had to stop because of a health issue. She took a month off running completely, then got back to it.

“As long as I’m healthy and uninjured, I don’t plan to stop,” she said. “I’d love to be able to ‘earn my comma’ — make it to 1,000 days.”

Update: On June 12, 2018, I reached Day 600 of my current streak.



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