Why, hello there!

By Lisa Maria Boyles

It’s been a billion years since I wrote in here, back at the end of August 2018. Back in the good old days, before the COVID-19 pandemic, when people standing next to you didn’t trigger a panic attack and grocery shopping wasn’t a stress-filled scavenger hunt.

Today I started reading “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, about how making tiny changes to your habits can have profound impacts on your life.

“All big things come from small beginnings. The seed of every habit is a single, tiny decision. But as that decision is repeated, a habit sprouts and grows stronger. Roots entrench themselves and branches grow. The task of breaking a bad habit is like uprooting a powerful oak within us. And the task of building a good habit is like cultivating a delicate flower one day at a time.”

I know a little bit about how consistent actions, even small ones, repeated day after day can lead to big results.

For a long time, a primary goal of mine was running — streaking specifically, that is running at least a mile every day. I maintained that goal from Oct. 21, 2016, through Nov. 5, 2019 — 1,111 days in a row, rain or shine, sick or well.

But when hitting that goal lost its importance to me, I decided to let it go, to focus on other areas.

There are many aspects of my life I would like to transform.

  • More daily journaling capturing details of my life.
  • More writing in here, whether anyone else ever reads it or not.
  • More creativity.
  • More reading, less TV.
  • Less (or NO) debt, more savings.
  • More minimalism, less clutter.
  • And more travel. That one will have to wait for now, but it’s really very high on my list.

Time to plant — and cultivate — some new seeds in my life. Starting now.


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